Anna Smallman

The Operatic Soliloquy

The Operatic Soliloquy of Anna Smallman is a fictional discussion between the future and past versions of the same character. The origins of this character are partly fictional, having been "born" from a psychic reading of Anna Smallman.
The Soliloquy is split into three acts, focusing on the past, future, and external forces which are exempt from linear time. The two characters have the perspectives from the very end and the very beginning of the same life, and so in a way are alien to one another.
The text is a direct transcription from the psychic reading, with pronouns and tenses adjusted to create the text of each character.

The soliloquy becomes operatic when it is being performed. Two operatic singers are given the words, and the freedom to perform and sing the soliloquy by reading the text over an autocue.

DURATION: 12.5 minutes.